You’ve just set up a new store on the high street. People walk and drive by every minute, but how will they know that you’re there? How will they know what you sell? How will they find out more information about you? Research has shown that for a new business, the signage of a business attracts 50% of its new customers. Did you include signage in your marketing plan?

A poor sign is just as bad as having no sign.

Poor signage literally means something that is useless; it does not set the right tone for your business, it tells the customer nothing and, it is poorly designed, with clashing colours that make it difficult to read. To create the right signage, you need to consider 4 things.


A sign is the silent salesperson of your business. So what is your sign really saying? A sign draws attention to your business and thus, you need it to create the right impression. Is it doing that?
Really?! When potential customers look at your sign, does it ooze appeal? Is it saying, ‘we are a high quality establishment, trustworthy and reliable?’ or is it saying ‘this sign is an afterthought’?


There are permanently mounted signs, illuminated signs, signs on poles, posters, roller banners, pavement signs and so on.
There are many different types to choose from. Each will have a different purpose so don’t clutter the permanent shop sign with email address and so on, when you can invest in a window sign that can do that for you.
Pavement signs are a great, inexpensive way of highlighting a current offer, as are roller banners and outdoor banners too.
At sign store we can manufacture all of these products to the best quality possible, and even install it for you.


Don’t rush the design of a sign, as it could be the fixture that is on display 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Underestimating its power could be a fatal body blow for your business. It effect is continuous.


You need to think about the information on each and every sign you use. For example, does the passing motorist need your email address or will a handy, clear reference to your website be a better ploy?
Take care to remove superfluous wording and graphics, making sure that the important information that the eye searches for is in bold, and a darker colour on a lighter background.

Do you need a hand designing your sign? We have an experienced design team on hand to help you create the perfect sign.


A selection of our work can be seen below.

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